Law and Medicine

Physicians Protecting Their Patients, Their Profession from Dangerous New Law

Anyone who has ever worked with physicians can tell you they are a hard bunch to nail down. Their schedules are so packed that they only come up for air after their blood oxygen saturation level approaches zero. And if you happen to be lucky enough to be there when ...
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NY Reproductive Health Act: A Case of Political Schizophrenia?

It appears that New York government has a case of political schizophrenia. Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins in a recent interview insists that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s radical abortion agenda (RHA) is merely a housekeeping measure to align state law with federal statue. By way of stubborn fact two things should be pointed ...
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Cuomo to Set U.S. Precedent with Reproductive Health Act

“Her body! Her choice!” chanted New York Governor Cuomo’s angry voice in this year’s state of the State. Cuomo has aspirations for the 2016 Presidential race and hopes to set precedent for the rest of the country. His chant refers to his abortion expansion bill, the Reproductive Health Act (RHA), ...
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New York State Reproductive Health Act: Cuomo Vows to Enact

2016 Presidential hopeful Andrew Cuomo has vowed to enact the Reproductive Health Act (RHA). This bill stipulates and implies the following: Contraception and abortion enacted as fundamental rights at any age without parental consent Excludes conscience protections for medical providers who refuse to refer for abortion and contraception thereby placing ...
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Former Chairman of President’s Council on Bioethics Endorses Work of the Commission

Edmund Pellegrino, MD endorses the work of the Commission for Reproductive Health Service Standards saying, "I commend the work of this commission highly to physicians who seek to practice medicine with integrity in the field of reproductive health. The emphasis on the recruitment of physicians to participate actively in the ...
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Obamacare: From the Patient to the Population Part 2

When one considers the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act (PPACA) one might see a benevolent attempt to correct America’s less than equitable access to healthcare. This is a noble concern and actually addressed in courses on medical ethics. The category of medical ethics inquiry which deals with how to ...
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