Former Chairman of President’s Council on Bioethics Endorses Work of the Commission


Edmund Pellegrino, MD

Edmund Pellegrino, MD endorses the work of the Commission for Reproductive Health Service Standards saying, “I commend the work of this commission highly to physicians who seek to practice medicine with integrity in the field of reproductive health. The emphasis on the recruitment of physicians to participate actively in the application of proper ethical ideals and practices working directly with women in the course of an unplanned pregnancy are commendable.”


The Commission is humbled and heartened by the endorsement of such an auspicious man whom many consider to be the father of modern medical ethics. H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr said of him in his book The Philosophy of Medicine Reborn, A Pellegrino Reader, “Bioethics and the medical humanities, especially their emergence in the latter part of the twentieth century, cannot be understood apart from Edmund D. Pellegrino.”

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