Clinical Medicine’s Statement of Ethics Protesting the Reproductive Health Act

Statement of Ethics

We, the medical clinicians licensed in New York and elsewhere believe that the Reproductive Health Act tramples the rights of medical clinicians to manage the treatment of their patients according to their training and conscience.

Additionally we believe that:

  • The good purpose of medicine is the good health of a single patient.
  • Only the medical community is capable of determining how medical services ought to be delivered to a patient.
  • Government should resist the temptation to use medicine as an expedient for the political abortion debate.
  • Parental involvement in the care of their children for all matters including reproductive health is essential to their well-being.
  • Patients should be free to select medical professionals who share their values.
  • The Abortion Expansion Act hinders patient autonomy by coercing clinicians to refer patients for abortion against their conscience.

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Jubilee Campaign
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Full NameLicenseCityState
Lawrence F. Nazarian MD Penfield NY
Leah Hess DO Modesto CA
Leonard Marotta MD East Syracuse NY
Lisa Ference MD Allison Park PA
Louis A. Roser MD Olympia WA
Lydia Jemison Dennis DO Tuttle OK
Mark X. Lowney MD Fall River MA
Michael J Karoly MD Dublin GA
Mitchell Nutt MD Saint Marys OH
Nancy Wehr NP Westfield NY
Nicole Varasteh MD Concord NH
Paul Henry Macdonald MD Ukiah CA
Paul Keough MD Hanover MA
Peggy Sue Guffey Rate MD Hutchinson KS
Rex Cabaltica MD South Bend IN
Richard F. Cole MD Salem MO
Robert D. Plambeck MD Lincoln NE
Robert Davey MD Rochester NY
Robert M. Easley Jr. MD Webster NY
Robert Parlee MD Boston MA
Robyn James MD Bald Hills NY
Sam Watts MD Cedarville MO
Sandra M Christiansen MD Frederick MD
Sara M Lange DO Spartanburg SC
Sarah Ludlow CNM Rochester NY
Sarah Schoof NP Slingerlands NY
Scott Silverberg MD Water Mill NY
Sharon Ann Falkenheimer MD Albany NY
Sheila Alton MD Overland Park KS
Stephen J Smith MD Cooperstown NY
Steve Park MD Rochester NY
Steven Friesen MD Ashland OH
Tammy Woodard NP Smithfield NC
Timothy A Gorman MD Westfield NY
Timothy Kitchen MD Westfield NY
Wayne Glenn Spronk MD Plattsburgh NY
William Figueroa MD Piscataway NJ
William R. Morehouse MD Rochester NY
William Stalter MD Dayton OH
William Teubl MD Tivoli NY
Zachary Veres DO Warren OH